Wachovia Student loan Financial support LLC Sample Contracts

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Government Contract (so it Contract), old at the time of [_______], 20[__], one of Wachovia Student loan Capital LLC (the brand new Depositor), Wachovia Education loan Believe 20[__]-[__] (the latest Issuer), [___________________________________], perhaps not in personal strength however, exclusively with its strength as eligible bank trustee (such potential, this new Qualified Financial Trustee), [_____________________________________], maybe not within its personal capabilities but entirely with its strength because indenture trustee (such capabilities, the latest Indenture Trustee), Wachovia Studies Financing Inc., perhaps not with its individual capability but solely within its ability because master servicer (in such skill, the dog owner Servicer), and you may Wachovia Lender, Federal Organization, maybe not within the individual capabilities however, only with its capabilities once the manager and you will using broker (in such capacities, the new Administrator therefore the Investing Broker).

Wachovia Student loan Funding LLC Revised And RESTATED Believe Arrangement certainly WACHOVIA Education loan Investment LLC, since the Depositor not within its private capability but entirely since Qualified Bank Trustee and never in individual potential but only since Indenture Trustee Old as of [________], 20[__]

Wachovia Education loan Money LLC WACHOVIA Studies Loans INC., because the Representative And Honest B. Bilotta, due to the fact Special User WACHOVIA Student loan Money LLC Limited liability Business Contract Old at the time of

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